Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Personal Summer School

Nerdy little me has some more information on what I'm learning about this summer and what I'm using to learn it. As I mentioned yesterday, I'm reading Painless Geometry to prepare me for ninth grade geometry, and last night I discovered Khan Academy. The website is just, and I believe it's mainly used in homeschooling. It is extremely helpful, and I've been reviewing and practicing my math stuff. There are many videos and quizzes for math. science, and even test prep. I love it, but if you aren't into the whole let's-study-during-summer-break thing, then maybe it could be useful later.

Moving along to something more people will be willing to read about, Catching Fire!!! For those of you who haven't seen the trailer, I will answer a few questions:

  1. Yes, it was wonderful.
  2. Yes, I watched it forty thousand times. 
  3. Yes, you do need to watch it. Over and over. 

The Shelby :{D

Monday, July 22, 2013

I'm Back!

Well, not that I ever really went anywhere, but whatever... Ok, well, whatever curious people are out there will have to settle with what I accomplished this weekend. I:

  • Got a two-day sunburn
  •  Became a grandparent (to a chicken with three babies)
  • And made $160
See? Not too much. We had a ginormo, two day yard sale (source of my earnings and tan), and we're planning another one in a few weeks because we have soooo much junk. I have a very large tackle box full of embroidery thread which I plan on turning into friendship bracelets; partly because I don't have much more junk to get rid of and partly because I want to have more room to organize all my thread (that box is packed full of it).

Oh, also the book of the week. It's only one this week because it's a math book and I can only concentrate on this one at the time. It's called Painless Geometry by Lynette Long, and so far it is pretty painless. I know I'm a complete nerd for studying in the middle of summer vacation, but a slideshow of what can come of bad grades in high school really scared me, so I'm taking extra special care to prepare for potentially difficult subjects.

One more thing. I'm going to a pool party this weekend and after that I'm going to the beach for a few days, so don't expect anything from me for a while. ;D I will tell you allll about it when I come back. But until then, I'd like to thank you for listening to my nonsense.

The Shelby :{D

Ahem... Excuse that...

Monday, July 15, 2013

Book(s) of the Week

Hey! I plan on posting my book(s) of the week regularly, just to let all the other bookies know what I'm reading and just a general 1-5 rating of them so far. Most of the books I'll be posting about will be Kindle eBooks and random library books. Okay, on to the books:

  • Significance by Shelly Crane ~ 3/5 
  • Listening at the Gate by Betsy James ~ 5/5
  • Direct Hits Core Vocabulary of the SAT 5th Edition ~ 3/5 (yes, nerd book alert :{D !)
  • and, currently reading The Island by Jen Minkman ~ 3/5 so far

That's it for this week, or whenever I get back around to posting about books : ). 

The Shelby :{D

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Finished Item!

Ooooh, first real post! Ok, I recently finished a fabulous blue and gray crochet bag. I used someone else's pattern for the base, but I abandoned it for my own stitch pattern for the rest, and I love how it turned out! After the base, I alternated dc's and ch's for 18 rows. Then, I did a row of single crochet and added a braided crochet handle, crocheted a button flap thingy, sewed a button on, and done!

The original pattern can be found at . I guess, if anybody's reading on day one, then post a comment with your thoughts and/or a picture of your finished bag... I'd like to see it!

Whew! One post down, who knows how many to go! This is fun!
The Shelby :{D


Welcome to my second attempt at blogging! I am older, therefore wiser (I think!), so I hope this turns out to be a much more productive experience than last time. I plan to post bookishness, animal cuteness, and yarniness. So prepare for a journey as I try it all again!